The ups and downs of attempting to go a whole year without buying any new clothes...

...without becoming a naturist, as the title suggests

Saturday, 1 January 2011

November - Cold Turkey

After last month's shambolic attempt at not buying anything new, I can happily announce that for the rest of October and the whole of November I spent absolutely, totally, NOTHING on clothes! 

It is also worth noting that I really didn't enjoy shopping last month. I found it totally exhausting and was racked with guilt, even when I bought the pants I desperately needed!

I was given a grey, woollen jumper by an aunt as it doesn't fit her any more and have informed my brother's girlfriend that she is not to get rid of any clothes without passing them in my direction first!

Turns out that planning an eco-friendly, low cost wedding is a lot of fun, and not as hard as I thought it might be. The most tiring part is fending off the hoards of well-meaning friends and family who are trying to push me into traditional dress shops and entice me with chair covers, catering and professional make-up. No thanks!

Much more info to come on the wedding as and when I get myself a bit more organised!

All in all a very successful six weeks, now we just need to start thinking about Christmas...

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