The ups and downs of attempting to go a whole year without buying any new clothes...

...without becoming a naturist, as the title suggests

Saturday, 18 December 2010

To blog or not to blog...

This blog (assuming I have actually managed to set it up and you can read it!) needs back-dating slightly. In June this year I decided to go a year without buying any new clothes; I decided that I would write a blog as I did it – updating it whenever I saw something I desperately wanted and couldn’t buy, or whenever I found a bargain in a second hand shop. I truly had no idea whether it was going to be an easy and boring year, or a horrendous realisation that I did like shopping after all.

So far, six months on, I have been mainly successful in my first (and main) aim: not to spend any money on new clothes. I wrote my first ‘blog’ entry in July, but it was on paper as we were on holiday, with no electricity, let alone a laptop. My intention was to upload it when I got home, but once I’d written it, and reread it, I faltered. Why would anyone else want to read about what I have and haven’t bought? Who cares about my reasons for doing it?

But that wasn’t the main reason for putting off the blogging side of the plan. I panicked. What I had written felt like a diary, and I wasn’t so sure that I wanted everyone to read my diary. Maybe they would laugh at me. Think I was ridiculous. Think that I was self-absorbed to think that anyone else cared.

And maybe I am ridiculous, maybe no one does care. But that’s fine.  It may have taken me six months (and rudely asking someone that I’d only just met “why do you think anyone cares about what you write in your blog?”) to realise that actually, I want to write this blog for me. I want to document my year (and I have been doing just that, only so far it’s been in a dusty book), but I also want to know what other people think. Even if I only find one other person with an opinion on this – whatever their opinion may be – then I will have learnt something. And that, to me, is the biggest draw to sharing this.

So, major amount of waffling over (for now) I will try to post what I have been writing over the last six months. 

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